How to Reset Garmin Nuvi 5000?

Reset Garmin Nuvi 5000 – The Garmin Nuvi 5000 is navigation device that can be used on big vehicles such as truck and cars. The display size is big that helps in navigation very well. Furthermore, you also get the preloaded map with the device. There are some entertainment options as well, FM Radio. You can also use the “Where am I?” to locate your self to find the nearest fuel station, intersection or any address.

If you wish to install a new map or want to free up some space from the Garmin Nuvi then you need to reset the Garmin Nuvi 5000. In this article, we are discussing the method to reset Garmin Nuvi 5000. You can also contact the Garmin Support by trying the toll-free number of Garmin Support.

How to Reset Garmin Nuvi 5000?

Reset Garmin Nuvi 5000

Steps to Reset Garmin Nuvi 5000

Please note that, by resetting the Garmin Nuvi 5000, all the data of your account or information od device will be removed. If you understand this then continue with the steps. Otherwise, contact the Garmin Support for the better understanding of the Garmin Nuvi 5000.

  • Remove the Garmin Device from your computer.
  • Also, make sure there is an appropriate charge in the device.
  • Otherwise, plug the Garmin Nuvi 5000 to the power outlet.
  • Now press the power button to turn off the Garmin Nuvi 5000.
  • Wait for at least 10 seconds and then continue.
  • Simply, press the power button to turn on the device.
  • Click on the bottom-right corner of the device screen to reset when the device is turning on.
  • You will see a popup with the information related to the reset.
  • When prompted to confirm the reset, click Yes.
  • Follow the instructions and complete the reset.

Congratulations! You have successfully followed the steps to reset Garmin Nuvi 5000. If you are facing any issue then feel free to contact the Garmin Support. A team of the technician is 24/7 available to help you with the issue that you are having related to the reset.

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These are some of the common issue faced by our user related to “Reset Garmin Nuvi 5000”. If you are also having similar issues then feel free to contact the Garmin Support. For that visit or call us at the toll-free number. 

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